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St. Helena
One of Louisiana's historic Florida Parishes, St. Helena was established in 1810. It is located a few minutes off Interstate 55, which enters the state in the area described as the "toe" of Louisiana. In fact, boots are very much in evidence in this rural region.

Visitors will enjoy the cuisine at Bear Creek Steakhouse, located on Highway 16 in Montpelier. Pine forests scent the air at the St. Helena Forest Festival held in Greensburg the last Saturday in August. The Amite River forms the eastern boundary of the parish and the Tickfaw flows along the western side.

Louisiana Highway 10, once known as the Choctaw Trail, crosses the parish and is a beautiful scenic drive. Visit the Old Jail and the original Florida Parish Land Office, located in the parish seat of Greensburg. Inspiration Park, near Kentwood, offers camping and meditation facilities.