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More so than any other section of the state, the Crossroads has a pivotal hub, which is the uncontested center of things: Alexandria/Pineville (Rapides Parish). This area, along with the surrounding towns and communities, makes up the Crossroads. While Louisiana is a land of infinite variety, nowhere is this more evident than at the Crossroads. Here you'll find the hills and the bayous, the prairies and the rich Red River delta, each with its own history and traditions.

At the Crossroads, visitors can enjoy recreation areas beyond compare, opportunities for water sports, fishing, hunting, camping spots, fine restaurants, hotels, motels, and multiple other attractions. This diversity makes the Crossroads the perfect place to visit. So join us here in the center of Louisiana on the banks of the beautiful Red River and experience the best of everything. Meet us at the Crossroads!
Lea's Restaurant, Lecompte, LA
The Red River at Alexandria, LA